jeudi 5 novembre 2015

COCA-COLA - Yom Hastmaouth

A little video that I made with the Israeli Studio LeFrecnhBulldog.
It was made for the Anniversary of the Independence of Israel (Yom Hastmaouth)


mardi 24 février 2015


Hello everyone,
This is the last project I've been working on at Mathematic. A commercial for the SKODA Fabia
We worked on the Full 2D Animation Part. I took care of most of the character animations, with the designs and additional animations from Fred VENET.

You can see the whole movie and try the "EYE TEST" on there site.

Here is the whole video.

Directed by David Chvatal - Productions ZOOMFILMS

mercredi 18 février 2015


Last project at Mathematic! In Puppet Animation!
Enjoy Naked Sebastien Tellier wandering in the Rainforest!!

Taken from Sebastien Tellier's new album "L'Aventura"

Valentine Reinhardt : Director
Jules de Chateleux : Producer
Julien Michel : Lead compositing et Superviseur Projet
Ruben Sellem : Animateur
Frédéric Venet : Animateur
Sébastien Eballard : Lead animateur
Clément Germain : Compositing
Guillaume Marien : Line Producer
By Division & Mathematic Studio